Comments for the reader

Short explanatory words about some of the publications by Tomas Ohlin, formulated by the author.

Several of these activities and publications concern what was – at the time of creation – future development in the information society. Some take the form of qualitative predictions, that later, after time, have shown to be more relevant than at the time of their birth. These predictions were often met by lack of reader interest at the time, and therefore they were here often expressed in short format.
A number of the references show politically liberal values. These naturally can be read from a general viewpoint. Some of them touch at the time new and unanalyzed concerns. As an example, criticism concerning private and public monopolies is formulated i e in ”The A-computer system conflict” (2006, describing the IBM situation of the 1970s), and in ”Dela upp televerket!” (1979), commenting on the PTT monopolies. As another example, politically deliberative citizen possibilities are formulated in ”Närdemokrati i dataåldern”/”Local Democracy in Telecommunications age” (1971).  

Generally, these texts find themselves cover topics within the scope of ”information society”, from an angle that in the beginning emanated from computer science, and that later primarily came to concern political science. Some short words about a few of the publications that are in English: