Musical CV

Glimpses from Tomas Ohlin's musical life

Clarinet during school years. Piano from that time and onwards, daily, through a long life. Harmonic improvisations. Local performances of many types.

Guitar and folk songs from the 1950s and on.

Text and music to a number of own songs, including translations.

Choir singing in the Stockholm University Student Choir, around 5 years in the end of the 1950s. Choir travels to several places in Europe, among them Florence, Italy.

Alto saxophone in the Stockholm University Student Orchestra “Karsdraget”, around 6 years in the beginning of the 1960s.

Guitar accompaning in a few Dixieland orchestras.

Performing folk songs with guitar at many occasions, among them together with Git Magnusson. 

Two jazz singing quartets (one of them entitled the Off Keys). Own arrangements, four-part jazz (soprano, alt, tenor, base), Performance at Nalen, famous jazz music scene in Stockholm, beginning of the 1960s.

Member and musician in the Stockholm Balalaika Orchestra Kazbek, playing alto balalaika and percussion. Orchestra chairman from1990. Numerous musical travels to foreign countries, among them Russia and USA.

Solo flute performance at a wedding in a church in the west of Sweden.

Member of Samfundet Visans Vanner, folksinging expert organization, its chairman 2003–2010 and 2013–. Numerous performances, song and guitar. Organization of many group performances.